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Spending almost 2 decades in real estate sales, Tommy Ng PREC* found the industry is very fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding, both in Hong Kong and Canada. Tommy spent years in different posts and companies before starting as realtor in the listed real estate brokerage company in Hong Kong. Well versed in sales, marketing and interpersonal skills, he closed the first deal in 3 weeks as a trainee and became one of the top producers in less than 6 months. His secret is always to put client’s interests before his. After relocating to Canada, Tommy continues the realtor profession and was qualified as member of Medallion Club of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (top 10% of all Realtors) in the 2nd year of practice. With the support of his family, growing and returning clients, he is lucky to keep such qualifications for 18 years in a row. Making the most money, though significant, has never been the prime goal to Tommy. Rather, to maintain a life-work balance always count though very challenging. It is great to witness buyers to settle well in their sweet homes and sellers to move on. It could not be better for Tommy to see his kids growing, going to the colleges they dreamed of and being admitted to Harvard Law School and got job offered by Big Law firms in New York City . Real estate has become an important part of life to Tommy and it has always been his dedication and commitment to meet and exceed client’s expectations. Tommy Ng PREC *(吴志成房地产销售公司)在房地产销售方面花了将近20年的时间,发现这个行业在香港和加拿大都非常有价值,充实和愉快。 吴志成在香港上市的房地产经纪公司担任房地产经纪人之前曾在不同的职位和公司工作多年。他精通销售,市场营销和人际关系技巧,作为实习生在3周内完成了第一笔交易,并在不到6个月内成为最佳销售人员之一。他的秘诀始终是把客户的利益放在他的前面。 到加拿大后,吴志成继续担任房地产经纪人职业,并在执业的第二年获得大温哥地产局金牌经纪会Medallion Club(所有房地产经纪人的前10%)的资格。在他的家人,众多新,旧客人的支持下,他很幸运能够连续18年保持这样的资格。 赚钱虽然重要,但从来都不是他的主要目标。相反,保持生活工作的平衡总是首选及非常具有挑战性。很高兴见证买家在购置家园安顿下而卖家可以实践卖房计划。吴志成看到他的孩子成长,入读梦想的大学,并考取到哈佛大学法学院及纽约市5大律师行提供的律师职位,真是再好不过。 房地产已成为生活的重要部分,吴志成必定致力于满足并超越客户对房地产的期望。

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